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We feature all things ROBOT! The home of Danny The Robot Guy who loves taking what some folks consider old junk and turning them into rocking robot sculptures. REPURPOSING IS HIS PURPOSE. We also highlight some of the greatest under-represented artists from all around the globe.
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Toledo Twins: Thomas

Height:  15:

Width:  9"

Depth:  5"

Weight:  4 lbs


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At a very young age it became quite apparent that there was something rather special about Thomas and Mario. Born into a creative family outside Toledo, these two rambunctious twins lead a life of exploration and discovery. Their father, a well known nature photographer, would take these two fortunate brothers on scouting expeditions into the wilds of the Congo, across the plains of the Serengeti, and even across the vast frozen expanses of Antarctica. The three of them would collect some of the most awe-inspiring photographs of exotic animals and gorgeous landscapes. It was this early exposure to beauty and wonder that would develop the twins love for film and splice together this inseparable duo.
Over the years these two have teamed up to create some of the finest cinema, leading them to global recognition. Known not only for their documentaries: “Dodos: Extinct or the Ultimate Hide-and-seekers” to “Fish….. the Other Other White Meat”, but also their explosive action sequences in  “ Here Comes the Momma” and their award-winning drama “There Goes the Momma”. 
Currently, the two are in search of their next major motion picture and seem to be aiming towards either a sci-fi based on the exploits of SpaceX or a western shot in the back hills of Libby, Montana.