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We feature all things ROBOT! The home of Danny The Robot Guy who loves taking what some folks consider old junk and turning them into rocking robot sculptures. REPURPOSING IS HIS PURPOSE. We also highlight some of the greatest under-represented artists from all around the globe.
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Height: 1' 3"

Width: 7 1/2"

Depth:  5"

Weight:  4 lbs


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Throughout the world over the soothing sounds of Riley’s orchestral works can be heard on the radio and in the hearts of millions. 
From an early age, Riley had a strong sense of rhythm and pantameter, but he also had the rare gift of purpose and soul. Writing “pour l’amour de metal” at the age of 12 thrust him into the limelight and his popularity has exploded since that time. At 64 years of age, he has written numeous symphonies, operas, ballets, musicals, and even a bit of hip hop.
The pressure to perform has had it’s toll on Riley, but he continues the ever elusive pursuit of greatness with a light tap on the stand and a quick wave of the baton. A bold crack from a timpani, the rich, low frequencies of the bassoon, the trill of the picollo lift the spirits of fortunate spectators and delights Riley’s soul. His love for music is his gift to the world and his passion for performance continues to woo every audience. A true talent.