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We feature all things ROBOT! The home of Danny The Robot Guy who loves taking what some folks consider old junk and turning them into rocking robot sculptures. REPURPOSING IS HIS PURPOSE. We also highlight some of the greatest under-represented artists from all around the globe.
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Height: 1'1"

Width: 7"

Depth: 4 1/4"

Weight:  3 lbs


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As a Level 8a-R1 cleaning unit, the Mechanical and Resilient Grade Android Refuse Extraction Terabot (lovingly known as “Margaret”) is the quintessential all-purpose Maid and Housekeeper. 
She comes stock with a variety of cleaning implements for both industrial as well as residential applications. Efficient in her duties, this unit is unsurpassable in the modern market and adheres to the highest of standards as laid out by GOHAH (Guild of Health and Hygiene).
Originally commisioned in 1952, she quickly revolutionized the hotel industry and made the vacuum industry obsolete. As her popularity grew, upgrades have been made with optional Nanny and Caregiver software now available.
Over decades of service and dedication, Margaret has received numerous awards and accolades that span a variety of fields. Most notably, Margaret receivied the top honor of the “Golden Featherduster” for her accomplishments while engaged at the Duchess of Cambria’s estate. When asked how she felt, she graciously replied,“It is an honor to be recognized for one’s life work, but my true passion can be found in the eyes of the little bots with whom I prefer to spend my waking moments.”