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We feature all things ROBOT! The home of Danny The Robot Guy who loves taking what some folks consider old junk and turning them into rocking robot sculptures. REPURPOSING IS HIS PURPOSE. We also highlight some of the greatest under-represented artists from all around the globe.
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Height: 3'11"

Width: 1'1"

Depth: 10"

Weight: 12 lbs


Life as a Private Investigator is always exciting, as Dexter “the Detector” Richardson will surely attest.
He’s seen it all. From the love torn starlett and mob boss relationship gone sour to the uranium mine disaster of 1921. If it was in the news he was on the scene before those pesky reporters.
It hasn’t always been this way. When he was a teen bot, Dexter headlined as the lead singer of a heavy metal band and had aspirations of  becoming a rock god. If you had told him back then that he would be one of the elite forensic scientists in his field, he would have told you to “roll that nasty chicken in flour and stick a fork in her.....
she’s done.”